Versatile creative storyteller with 16+ years experience in production/post production, collaborating on complex projects with aggressive time lines.

Supportive, collaborative, articulate with a strong sense of timing, style and structure.

Previous Clients:  Mechinima, Mattel (DC Comics, Universal, Disney/Pixar, WWE), Doritos Frito-Lay, Matterport, CVLT-LA (Chase/Merriot), Print Magazine, Scope Seven, Video Jug USA, Fanista Human Rights, WSR Creative, Vision Maker Worldwide, The Hettema Group, Attraction Media & Entertainment, Soundelux DMG, Silo Films Inc., a Dog & Pony Show Productions.




Instead of Dead - Short Web Series
Coming Soon

A dark comedy about the joys of life.

13th Life - Feature Documentary
in Pre-Production

A historic look into one of Electronic Music's unknown pioneers.

Girl Trip - Short Film

Three girlfriends jump in their vintage VW bus and head to Joshua Tree to celebrate the summer equinox. As a full moon rises, one strange occurrence quickly escalates into a comedic nightmare.

Sunken City - Feature Film
Editor (winner-best editing)

After budget cuts and personal demons forced him off the streets of San Pedro, Detective Nick Terry's beat became the classroom, where he patrols the minds of the people in his beloved hometown.  But when a mysterious woman washes up on the shore at Sunken City, Nick is called back to the beat where his calm, cool life becomes even more dazed and confused.

Lucy Falls - Short Film
Editor + Sound & Music Editing

A strong willed, small town girl in an abusive relationship has an epiphany through the help of her 7-year-old friend and changes her life.

Caulk | Dry Hump Comedy
Director + Editor + Sound

Check out this old VHS of Fix'N Things and how they use caulk.  Made its way to the Funny or Die website main-page with over 37k views.

The Wanderer - Short Film

A drifter finds an invitation letter he believes is for him.

Inventors (Scene from the Short Film)
Editor + Sound

Slippage (Scene from the Short Film)

Laura, now tailored and straight, reunites with Ruth, an over-ripe hippie.  At Ruth's husband's funeral their reunion quickly turns into a shocking surprise.

Asleep in the Park (Scene from the Short Film)
Producer + Editor

A quiet New York man becomes intrigued by a despondent woman sleeping in Washington Square Park.  When they meet, their lives could change if it weren't for a threatening past.

Sunday (Scene from the Feature Film)

This story follows a young couple in their attempt to live out an ordinary day under an extraordinary circumstance.  Tomorrow, James leaves for military service in Iraq.


Doritos Frito-Lay - Road Chip
Crash The Super Bowl Finalist


Matterport 3D Camera Systems
Editor + Motion Graphics
Client: Matterport

How the Altman Brothers use Matterport.

Broadcast Commercials

Editor + Motion Graphics
Client: WWE/Mattel

Batman + B v S
Broadcast Commercials

Editor + Motion Graphics
Client: Mattel/DC Comics

Disney/Pixar Cars
Broadcast Commercials

Editor + Motion Graphics
Client: Mattel/Disney/Pixar

Fast & Furious 8™ - Frozen Missile Attack

Broadcast Commercial
Editor + Motion Graphics
Client: Mattel/Universal Studios

BOOMco: Nail it or Fail it Tour | Online Ad Campaign

Editor + Motion Graphics
Client: Mattel


Andy MacIntyre: EPK

Editor + Music Editing

Backstage Pass: Concept Promo & Christopher Durst EPK

Producer/Director + Editor + Motion Graphics
for Christopher Durst Photography

DC SuperHero Girls - Trailers 1 & 2


Ever After High - Lyric Video

Editor + Photoshop Painting + Motion Graphics

Over 5.9 Million Views

ROG: Board Game Promo

Editor + Photoshop Painting + Motion Graphics & Animation + Sound & Music Editing
For Promotional Use Only

Mattel "Founders Day" Promo

Editor + Motion Graphics + Music Editing
For Promotional Use Only

Batman Franchise Promo

Client: Warner Bros. | DC Comics | Mattel
Editor + Music Editing + Motion Graphics
For Promotional Use Only

Burma: It Can't Wait with Norman Lear (PSA)

Client: Fanista
For Promotional Use Only

Contains Graphic Photos: Viewer Discretion is Advised.

3 Screen Video Art Installation

Client: Attraction Media & Entertainment
For Promotional Use Only

Print Magazine Promo

Client: Print Magazine
Directed by Trevor Tuttle