I’m a creative storyteller with 16 years of experience in production and post-production. I’m equally comfortable collaborating with a team or directing a project from start to finish. Let’s talk!

email: JamiesonTabb@Gmail.com
imdb: Editor + other hats


Previous Clients:  Mechinima, Mattel (DC Comics, Universal, Disney/Pixar, WWE), Doritos Frito-Lay, Matterport, CVLT-LA (Chase/Merriot), Print Magazine, Scope Seven, Video Jug USA, Fanista Human Rights, WSR Creative, Vision Maker Worldwide, The Hettema Group, Attraction Media & Entertainment, Soundelux DMG, Silo Films Inc., a Dog & Pony Show Productions.


Backstage Pass: Concept Promo & Christopher Durst EPK

Producer/Director + Editor + MoGraph
for Christopher Durst Photography

Andy MacIntyre: EPK

Editor + Music Editing

Telling Stories by Future Dancing - Music Video

Editor + Music Editing

DC SuperHero Girls - Trailers 1 & 2


BOOMco: Nail it or Fail it Tour | Online Ad Campaign

Editor + MoGraph
Client: Mattel

Ever After High - Lyric Video

Editor + MoGraph

Over 5.9 Million Views

ROG: Board Game Promo

Editor + MoGraph & Animation + Sound & Music Editing
For Promotional Use Only

Mattel "Founders Day" Promo

Editor + Motion Graphics + Music Editing
For Promotional Use Only

Batman Franchise Promo

Client: Warner Bros. | DC Comics | Mattel
Editor + Music Editing + Motion Graphics
For Promotional Use Only

Burma: It Can't Wait with Norman Lear (PSA)

Client: Fanista
For Promotional Use Only

Contains Graphic Photos: Viewer Discretion is Advised.

3 Screen Video Art Installation

Client: Attraction Media & Entertainment
For Promotional Use Only